Post Winning Online Gambling: to opt for or not

online gambling winning

Online casino’s gambling entertainment is ruling the gambling industry since last decade or so, and the reason for its extensive success in just ten years is the innovational gaming style it deploys with its games here and there. Before online casinos were existed, gambling was only meant to be a wager and win kind of activity where players took back their winnings if they want to. Now, there is generally an optional post winning session, which is voluntary but offers another existing gambling virtue to each winner. Commonly, when a player wins a handsome amount playing slot, video poker, or similar casino games, he is instantly taken to a post winning guess a card round, which is discretionary though. However, if he chooses to play another round of betting, which offers almost 100% return, can prove to be another high point in player’s casino journey where he can instantly double his winnings by precisely guessing a card being displayed on the screen face down.

Actually, these forms of post winning online gambling rounds are more popular these days coz of their nature and human’s hidden desire to win even more which resides in sub conscious mind of every winner. When a player sees a massage asking him if he would love to play another gambling round which could pay him a chance to double his winning, he instantly becomes agreed to take the route, however there is a risk of losing entire winnings as well if player could not guess the card correctly, and this is the delight of post winning online gambling sessions. If you, somehow, manage to win a prize on a game that offers such an option, you should jump for it coz it can take you to another level of casino entertainment where you’re betting to double your prize money.

Many times, it’s indeed not advisable to opt for any post winning bonus round coz this is a kind of hoopla being spread by online casinos which creates a kind of appetite to target more – even if it involves a risk of losing everything. Experienced gamblers also advice to stay away of any post winning online gambling rounds, coz they are nothing but casinos attempt to snatch back money from you. So, as a matter of strategy, if you’ve won descent sized prize money, keep it and enjoy your life rather being an addicted player that can cost you your entire prize money.

Tips for Accessing Online Casino’s Customer Support

Customer support functions are the most crucial part for an online casino’s long running existence in the industry. Almost every online player, sometimes, found himself in caught with some unwanted surroundings; when he requires an immediate help by a casino’s representative. Though, most of the times, casino’s online faq’s and casino software mutually serve as the basic helping hands for sorting out negligible dilemmas, yet; a technical glitch or a bad playing game always calls for an immediate help. On some occasions, an immediate help is vital for any online player, preferably, when he is at the peak of his high rolling bets. To provide an immediate help to all those needy players, online casinos, usually, set up a spanned backend support group, which consists of many experience customer care personnel; who are well versed with the gaming glitches, and recurring problems.

Accessing Customer Support

Online casino offers multiple access points to reach their customer support group, including telephone, email, live chat, and off line messages. Player often prefers to use the channel that provides instant support, so telephonic conversations are the best. However, before using any telephonic conversation, a player must record all the communications to safeguard any reverse effects, including asking for name of the support person, or his code for tracing him later on. Further, telephonic journey to reach the support group is often subject to various authenticated checks to confirm the caller’s identity, which, sometimes, are the devils for player’s point of view, yet; they are necessary and in player’s interest.

Second option is via email, this channel is often used for a long pending dispute between an online casino and a player regarding any issue that may be subjected to third party adjudications. Further, email support is not instant; so it’s used only for informal purposes, like asking about any offer, promotion, or online casino policy. Third and most widely used option is live chat, which is always free for players, too. Live chat also allows preserving chatting texts without any further need of a recoding gadget! Besides, another medium to access support personnel is via an offline message system, which allow casino to respond on any asked query after some time, like in email support system. However, this method is not widely used nowadays.

Finally, online casinos are recognized by their superior and easily accessible support functions, and if any casino is not able to set up a competent support group, its credibility keeps deteriorating. So, whenever you decide to join any online casino, you better check its back end support rather relying on it bind folded!

Playing Jacks or Better – Better Chances for Big Payouts

Video Poker is one of the very few casino games out there that lets the player apply his or her own strategy when playing the game in order to reduce the house edge in a near abysmal number. Video Poker is known to be one of the fun games that offer you one of the best chances of making it big.


The Rules

In the game, the player will basically go against the machine. The machine deals the player five cards, and the player chooses which ones to keep or discard. The player will then be dealt a set of cards that will replace the ones he discarded. Then, depending on the hand the player manages to acquire he will be then paid out by the machine.


Discarding Cards

Of course, things may sound simple, and yes, the casino game really can be, as long as you know which cards to keep and which ones to get rid of. The basic thing that you should know is to always discard cards that do not offer you any winning combinations outright. Of course, there are certain exceptions to this.


Which Non Winning Cards to Keep

These exceptions basically include a set of cards that will grant you the possibility to win a bigger prize. Such cards include: a four card flush, a four card straight flush, three card royal flushes, low pairs, four card royal flushes, high card pairs, and four card straights. Take note that you will be gambling at this point, and each set of cards give you a different chance of winning.


Knowing Which to Take

There will be times when you will have to choose between two non winning set of cards. For example, there may be times when you have to choose between a four card flush and a pair. You will have to think about the winning possibility for either hand. If ever you are not sure about what you are doing, you can simply consult guides on which set of cards will give you a better shot at getting a payout. Some people tend to memorize these, but you will eventually get used to them once you gain enough experience playing the game.



Much like any other casino games out there, you will need to practice in order to test out your strategies. There are many different variations of the game and you will need to specifically use a different strategy for each.

Debunking Online Slots Myths – Online Casinos Tips

Slots games are without a doubt, very enjoyable forms of casino games. They are fun, simple, and they give you the chance to win some extra bucks if you are playing them right. Of course, as the game becomes even more widely popular and available through online casinos, more and more people have come to love this particular casino game. There are those that look for different ways to boost their winning chances, and the problem here is that sometimes, people tend to believe some things that are not at all true in regards to slot games.


Rigged to Payout

Some people believe that the slot machines are rigged to payout at specific times, or that the amount of traffic playing the slot machines is directly linked to the payout chances. However, the truth to this is that the online casinos that host these slots games are being closely monitored by gaming commissions and organizations to make sure that the games they do hose are fair and safe. You will not have to worry about slot machines being rigged in online casinos at all.


The Random Number Generator

Another thing that people believe is that if the machine has not paid out in quite a while, it is due for a payout. This is not at all true since the slot machines run on random number generators. Each spin you make is always random. You can even win jackpots twice or more times in a row if you are extremely lucky. This is a very important thing to remember as some people tend to press on forward losing money thinking that the machine will be paying out on the next few spins. Another thing related to this is when if a person stops playing right before hitting the jackpot, the next person to spin the reels will be taking on the jackpot instead. This is at all, not true, since the slot machines, much like what we’ve established earlier, run on a random number generator, which basically means the next spin will yet again be calculated by the game’s software.

Basically, online casinos slots games are definitely a game of chance due to the random number generator. You will not be able to control the outcome of the game, and you will not be able to predict what will happen as you spin. There are of course a number of things that you can do in order to get a better shot at winning, such as choosing a game with better payout percentage.